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Hardwood Floor Cleaner – How to Find The Best One

Hardwood FloorNot having hardwood floors wasn’t an option for me. I LOVE them! Even with all the warnings about how wear and tear can affect the looks of your floors and the ease for potential damage couldn’t stop me.

Hardwood floors are warmer than tile or stone, bringing out rich tones from the surrounding throw rugs to the furniture and even to the color of the walls. Once I had my floors installed I was ecstatic with them–then came along the maintenance!

Keeping hardwood floors looking fabulous takes more work than any other floor covering, including carpet, tile and even linoleum. I struggled with vacuuming and cleaning my hardwood until I finally decided to invest a bit of extra time browsing to find the best vacuum for hardwood floors. Here are the five steps on how you can save yourself a world of frustration by choosing a hardwood floor vacuum that’s right for you.

1. Determine Your Style Preference

Today, we the consumers, WIN! There is such a variety of machines to choose from. Here’s what’s out there:

  • Upright Vacuums – These are the most popular, but if you do get one, find a unit that is made for hardwood floors. Mainly, you’ll need a vacuum that has the option to turn off the coarse brush roller. These rollers can throw debris out the back as you work and een scratch up your hardwood.
  • Canister Units – Some people claim the canister is the best option if you have hardwood floors. I would agree if I didn’t also have 5 other carpeted rooms! Yes, canisters work great, but may not have the power to handle all floor surfaces.
  • Small Handheld Units – These are only an option if your living quarters is about the size of a quarter! Seriously, though, you may overwork a handheld vacuum if your house is bigger than a couple of rooms.
  • Robot Vacuum – I’ve had great experiences with robotic vacuum cleaners. Two drawbacks to them are: 1. The dust bin fills up FAST. Your unit may shut off half way through it’s job. 2. Emptying and cleaning the robot vacuum might take just as long as grabbing your regular machine and just cleaning the floors yourself! Especially if you have pets that shed, the brushes fill up with hair. You practically have to take the machine apart.

2. Determine Your Budget

Once you’ve decided on the perfect unit for you, now you need to decide how much you want to spend. This shouldn’t be too hard to come up with since you’ve spent a lot of time already researching your style preference. Keep in mind, you typically get what you pay for, so lean toward the average or above average priced units. Feel free to stay away from the ridiculously high priced vacuums.

3. Shop Online First – But Don’t Buy Yet!

Knowing your price and preference, you can now shop online. Get the make and model of the vacuums you are interested in. Now you’ll have to call around to local stores to see if they carry them.

4. Test Them Out

Head to the stores that have the brands you want. Plug the machines in and give them a push. And a pull. Make sure the weight and noise level is acceptable. If you find the hardwood vacuum that you want, congratulations! But, you’re not done yet.

5. Test Them Out At Home

This is the true test. If you find the machine doesn’t work so well with your floors (or your filth) you may need to return or exchange your machine. A vacuum should be with you for many years so make sure you’re not stuck with one that just doesn’t cut it for your home.