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Choosing The Best Small Vacuum For Your Needs

As technology advances, electronics and appliances shrink in size, but not in power. This is why choosing the best small vacuum for your needs has become much easier. Back in the good old days, if you wanted to go with a smaller vacuum, you would have to sacrifice on your suction power. Thankfully, those days are gone!

Determining Your Needs

Before you head out or head to your favorite shopping website to purchase a vacuum, first determine how you will be using your machine. Will you be using it on carpet only or do you have a variety of surfaces to handle? Will you need a hose and nozzle attachments to tackle crevices and such? What about frequency of use? How about length of use? These are just a few questions to consider before picking and pricing out your budget.

Big Suction Comes In Small Packages – But With A Large Variety Of Choices

As I stated earlier, these tiny machines are now packed with power. What is also wonderful is the different models and styles to choose from. Here are your best options:

Small Upright

These units work just like their larger counterparts–except they aren’t as nearly as heavy to push around! Most have comparable suction power. The only drawback? Small bagless dust holders. If you plan on vacuuming your entire house, expect to stop a few times to empty out the compartment.

Handheld Units

I’ve got a nice carpeted staircase. Add two dogs that shed like crazy, and I’ve also got trouble. Trying to use even a small lightweight vacuum was cumbersome and awkward on the staircase. I’ve certainly cracked a few knuckles on the banister! This is why I picked up a small handheld vacuum. Now, my stairs are hair-free and my knuckles are no longer bloody.

Handheld vacuums certainly fit the small description and they are plenty powerful, but the drawback on these little fellas is you can’t clean your entire house. You could, but your back would be wrecked from bending over the whole time. Or your knees. Either way, you will need a larger vacuum (or a lightweight backpack vacuum) to handle bigger and wider floor spaces.

Robot Vacuums

Welcome to the future! Robot vacuums are small, lightweight, and automatic–mostly. You can program to run when you’re not at home and then come home to freshly vacuumed surfaces. Here are few issues with robotic units:

  • Very small dust bin. If you have a lot of dirt, your unit may shut down in the middle of working.
  • They eat cords. Don’t leave any electric cables or shoelaces at floor level. It will pull at it and go into error mode.
  • They don’t do stairs. You will still need either a handheld or one with a hose and attachments to handle your stairway carpet.

Depending on how much dirt and dust and pet hair collects around your living spaces, a small machine should suffice. Some people use their small vacuums as a quick clean up tool while others are more prone to make it their main cleaning tool and hit the whole house or apartment a few times per week. Either way, try to find a unit that won’t lose suction. Be sure to check out user reviews at appliance websites before visiting a brick and mortar store to buy. There are several.