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How to Pick The Best Vacuum For Pet Hair

I think it’s safe to say that as a species, we humans love our pets. We’ve been inseparable for more than ten thousand years. Ever since the first wolf responded to the caveman equivalent of “C’mere boy. Who’s a good boy? Yes you are!” by wandering into the cave, wagging its tail, and settling down by the fire for a good old belly rub.

And ever since that first caveman converted the fearsome carnivore into man’s best friend, we’ve been trying to figure out how to avoid having animal hair everywhere. Fortunately, unlike our caveman friend, we have list of the best pet vacuums available right now:

Dyson DC65 Animal Complete

This is it. This is the best one. The. Best. If you can afford the 483.99 price tag, then stop reading right here and go buy this vacuum. For a long time, the Dyson DC25 Animal was the go to for cleaning animal hair. Somehow they managed to make the DC65 clean even better. Dyson claim that the DC65 Animal cleans twenty five percent more dirt, dust and animal hair than their next best offering. I would say that 25% is maybe even an understatement. This is the best. If you can afford it, then get it.

Dyson DC25 Animal Ball

No top list would be complete without mentioning the old faithful DC25. As I mentioned above, the DC25 Animal Ball was the best thing available for years. There may be better vacuums out these days, but with a price tag of $369, it manages to be more than $100 cheaper than the DC65, while still doing an excellent job.

The great thing about the DC25 is how maneuverable it is. This is not a lightweight vacuum, and you would expect it to be a lot more cumbersome than it is. Also, for the few spots that the DC25 can’t get into, there is a telescopic reach wand that extends up to sixteen feet.

Shark Navigator Lift Away Professional

If you aren’t looking to spend quite as much on your vacuum, the Shark Navigator Lift Away is the next best thing. For less than $200, it still manages to do an excellent job removing animal hair. No one has a bad thing to say about it except that it’s not as durable as the Dyson offerings. While doing a comparable job as a vacuum, it isn’t made to the same standard. It may not have the same life expectancy as the DC65 Animal, but for the price, you can afford to replace your Shark navigator three times, and you’d still have more money in the bank than if you bought the DC65!

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

Unlike the others, this is a small handheld vacuum cleaner, better suited to spot cleaning, or cleaning furniture. The pet hair eraser has surprisingly strong suction for being so small and light. Clocking in at less than $25, this mighty little machine is well worth the money. While it is amazing for removing animal hair, it’s not so good at picking up dust, as for some reason it was designed so that the exhaust blows onto whatever surface you’re cleaning, meaning that it blows the dust away.

To wrap up, if you want your home to look as though the carpet was laid yesterday, then the Dyson Animal series is your best bet. If you’re willing to settle for carpet that was laid the day before yesterday, then the shark navigator is still an excellent option. (for your floor and your bank account). And if you’re looking to spend the least possible amount of money, but still have a hair-free home, then the Bissell pet hair eraser is the way to go.